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Success Stories

Success Stories & Testimonials

Our customers always come first. To find out more about how we help organisations like yours, see below for success stories, directly from our members.

CIPHR & Isabel Hospice
July 2021

Isabel Hospice was looking for help for their HR function to manage and understand the data from 120 work patterns for a workforce of around 200 people and 1,000 volunteers. A change that would increase the services HR delivered, enabling it to add real value to the organisation.

Head of Human Resources, Sue Balcombe comments, “We were very conscious that we had lots of data in lots of places and its accuracy was questionable. In discussion with the CEO we wanted HR to have HR as the owner of the data so that we could help the managers do their roles with accurate management information. That meant that accurate data had to be our starting point.”

CIPHR specialise in managing the complexities of HR data through a SaaS approach. As an HQP supplier partner, they have met the stringent procurement requirements to deliver services to the care sector and our Hospice member organisations. As members, Isabel Hospice were able to approach them through the HQP framework which meant they were able to manage their budget more effectively.

Working with CIPHR to review their processes, Isabel Hospice now enjoys very good functionality from its HR system. Quick, positive user acceptance has demonstrated how easy the system is to use with Hospice staff now empowered to amend personal information, own their own documents and receive relevant and timely notifications. This means that HR are free to work on more strategic tasks and managers are able to deal with their team more effectively.

The transition to the new system was fully supported by the CIPHR Service Desk who are hugely responsive with the project manager and account manager being instrumental in getting resolution to any issues raised.

Isabel Hospice have found the right company to provide them with a fully configured system that meets their bespoke, complex requirements.

CT Technology & Ashgate Hospicecare
June 2021

Ashgate Hospicecare needed a company to provide them with a safe, secure system that would reduce both frustrations being experienced by their teams and high volumes of calls and tickets raised to the IT service desk. It needed to be accessed both onsite and remotely to enable staff to access the clinical system to update patient records working from home or when visiting patients.

Their existing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform was hosted onsite, on one single server; a risk as it was a single point of failure which could cause downtime and potential loss of data. It also meant that the hospice team had to wait until they were back at Ashgate to update any patient information.

As HQP members Ashgate had exclusive access to the IT Managed Services framework and contacted HQP supplier partner, CT Technology.

CT recommended a VDI platform with enhanced security measures, placed in a cloud environment on multiple servers, to remove single points of failure and provide a more resilient and consistently reliable user experience. This solution also offered financial benefit as it was set up on a monthly payment scheme, reducing Ashgate’s capital expenditure and giving flexibility to easily scale up and increase the capacity for more users to work remotely.

Ashgate Hospicecare found a reduction of almost 60% of tickets raised to the IT service desk, with VDI specific tickets reduced by up to 90%. This allows the IT team to proactively focus on new projects to meet the Hospice goals and objectives. The staff at Ashgate have commented on the improved speed of the new platform and how faster access is enabling them to work more efficiently.

Haven House Hospice and Focus Energy

Haven House Hospice were looking to simplify their contracts and invoicing. They wanted to change the multiple energy supply contracts they had in place to have one common end date and at the same time achieve cost reductions. They thought this would be impossible as it was something that too complicated to resolve.

As Focus Group are an HQP Partner, the team at Haven House were reassured they were dealing with a trusted supplier, knowing that all the due diligence and checks had already been completed by HQP’s procurement experts.

Since working with Focus Energy, all the contracts have been brought into one common end date and they’ve benefited from a cost reduction of 21% on their gas expenditure, providing them with a saving in excess of £6900 across the term. Furthermore, Focus Energy were able to secure further reductions on their electricity supplies, on some very competitive historical pricing.

As part of the ongoing account management, the team at Focus Energy have been able to review various billing issues that ensure they are paying the correct level of VAT and not unnecessarily overpaying.

More Success Stories from our Members

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