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St Giles increase Gift Aid signup by 98% with Wil-U!

Emma Yates, Head of Retail at St Giles Hospice has reported an incredible 2350 new donors signed up in the first 8 weeks using Wil-U Digital Gift Aid and a huge increase in their Gift Aid reclaim value.

Here’s what she had to say about St Giles’ first couple of months with Wil-U;.

“In March 2022, St Giles joined the Wil-U family. Our requirements when looking for an EPOS provider were simple, we wanted both a product and a provider that were future proof and forward thinking. We found exactly these things in Wil-U and we couldn’t be happier.

From the beginning of our journey we’ve felt like we’ve been in safe hands with the Wil-U team. Their onboarding guys didn’t skip a beat and guided us the whole way – from exchanging contracts to creating a bespoke POS that was just right for us.

The installation was simple and literally involved unpacking a couple of boxes and plugging in – we were then ready to go! And go we did, we asked our store management teams to take the time they needed to acclimatise to the new tillls and start training with their teams. On the first day of launch, the majority were feeling confident enough mid morning to open their doors and start using their new shiny tills and we’ve not looked back since.

Our teams hadn’t used touchscreen tills previously and one of our concerns was how the change in system would be received at store level. However, the feedback from our store management teams is that everything feels simpler and quicker. They love the fact that a simple process like cashing up takes minutes now! Our volunteers have also talked about how user-friendly the tills are, that they find them easier than our old ones and importantly – that they enjoy using them.

A stand out for us was the Wil-U Control Centre. Upon first look it felt like reporting for the 21st century. The ease of which we are now able to access data and make relevant commercial decisions has been quite simply a game changer! For our first managers meeting in 3 years, one of our Area Managers was tasked with creating a training session on how our management teams can use the data in Wil-U. In just a few short hours he developed Who Wants To Be A Wil-U-naire? The team loved interacting with this game, but the take away was the information available to all within the Wil-U Control centre.

We’re now starting to see a marked increase in our gift aid performance too. During Q1 of 2022/2023 our gift aid sign up has increased a massive 98% year on year. It’s translating into sales as well, with an increase of 2% to date in our conversion rate. The move from paper based sign up to digital has been transformational and the teams love it!

What became apparent really quickly from working with the Wil-U team is that they’re listening to their customers. Early days we flagged a few, ‘it would be great if we could do this’ and within a few weeks that feedback had been taken on board and new rollouts were pushed down. The monthly Wil-U family meetings have been great to join and demonstrated again that Wil-U genuinely want interaction about how they can continue to make their product even better for their users.

We are genuinely thrilled with our new partnership with Wil-U and we look forward to collaborating in the future.”

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