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Products and Services

HQP can give peace of mind and reassurance to our Members that suppliers provided through the HQP Partnership have undergone a rigorous Procurement Cycle. All our suppliers are appointed following a strict tender and due diligence process, to provide high quality and price competitive products and services.

We also manage the ongoing process of supplier product and service innovation and ensure that suppliers maintain the very highest levels of service and customer satisfaction through regular review meetings.

Please get in touch by phone or email for further information and general enquiries or if you’re looking for something specific.

hqp product service operations


Keeping everyone connected, up to date and safe with telecommunications, risk management, clinical waste services and retail EPOS systems.

• Clinical waste services
• Risk management
• Retail EPOS systems
• IT managed services
• Financial management systems
• Technology transformation


Technology solutions will offer fundamental improvements to your systems and operations, delivering efficiencies and ultimately will help shape your patient and staff care.

  • Telecomms
  • IT Managed Services
  • Technology Transformation
  • Retails EPOS Systems
  • HR Systems
  • Financial Management Systems
  • L&D System
hqp product service buildings


Save money on utilities and insurance.

• Utilities
• Insurance

hqp product service patients


Looking after your patients & their families, ensuring regulatory compliance of medical supplies, beds, mattresses and hoists, catering and patient feedback to help with continuous improvement.

• Beds, mattresses & hoists
• Catering
• Patient feedback systems
• Medical supplies
hqp product service staff volunteers


Supporting and growing your team through online systems, PPE and employee benefits.

• HR systems
• L&D system
• Employee benefits
• PPE & uniforms

hqp product service hr


The services and products you need to keep your organisation successfully functioning, including franking & print to stationery supplies.

• Managed print
• Stationery
• Franking
• Office supplies

hqp product service fundraising


Helping you get the most out of your lottery and fundraising activities.

• Managed Lottery
• Income Generation
• Retail Operations
• Promotional Fundraising Merchandise
• Contactless Donations
• Direct Mail, Print & Design


Our experts have been chosen to provide our members with support and strategic direction in several areas. Including; income generation, retail operations, investment and sustainability reviews and governance.

• Income Generation
• Retail operations
• Investment review
• Governance
• Sustainability review

As a social enterprise, HQP was founded by a number of the UK’s leading hospices in 2014 and provides access to exclusive supplier agreements, designed to reduce costs, deliver quality improvements and support sustainable services.