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IT Managed Services from Central Technology for Ashgate Hospicecare

October 2021

Ashgate Hospicecare needed a company to provide them with a safe, secure system that would reduce both frustrations being experienced by their teams and high volumes of calls and tickets raised to the IT service desk. It needed to be accessed both onsite and remotely to enable staff to access the clinical system to update patient records working from home or when visiting patients.

Their existing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform was hosted onsite, on one single server; a risk as it was a single point of failure which could cause downtime and potential loss of data. It also meant that the hospice team had to wait until they were back at Ashgate to update any patient information.

As HQP members Ashgate had exclusive access to the IT Managed Services framework and contacted HQP supplier partner, Central Technology.

Central Technology recommended a VDI platform with enhanced security measures, placed in a cloud environment on multiple servers, to remove single points of failure and provide a more resilient and consistently reliable user experience. This solution also offered financial benefit as it was set up on a monthly payment scheme, reducing Ashgate’s capital expenditure and giving flexibility to easily scale up and increase the capacity for more users to work remotely.

Ashgate Hospicecare found a reduction of almost 60% of tickets raised to the IT service desk, with VDI specific tickets reduced by up to 90%. This allows the IT team to proactively focus on new projects to meet the Hospice goals and objectives. The staff at Ashgate have commented on the improved speed of the new platform and how faster access is enabling them to work more efficiently.

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As a social enterprise, HQP was founded by a number of the UK’s leading hospices in 2014 and provides access to exclusive supplier agreements, designed to reduce costs, deliver quality improvements and support sustainable services.