Sustainability and Net Zero Carbon are now central to the operation of all organisations. In particular, The Greener NHS programme requires all NHS Trusts and their suppliers to develop Net Zero Carbon strategies.

TGC can support in identifying areas where you can adopt environmentally friendly solutions which could also help with funding applications. Funding may be available through Councils to support small powered community initiatives such as electric vehicle (EV) car charging points, which in addition to being more environmentally friendly, can also provide an additional income stream by sharing with the local community.


The Green Consultancy 

Founded in 1992, is a leading independent specialist in energy, carbon and sustainability, including legal compliance, providing practical and sustainable solutions to reduce costs, risks and environmental impacts. Details of their services, clients and case histories are on their website.


The Green Consultancy offer:



TGC’s work for organisations has yielded impressive results on an array of different energy efficiency and environmental projects and attracted generous praise.

TGC’s Commitments to you are to:

"I have been very impressed with TGC's pragmatic, flexible and effective approach - striking the right balance of applying proven processes whilst leaving room for innovation to match OVO's culture and situation. The 30% savings speak for themselves but the experience of achieving them was smooth and, dare I say it, enjoyable "
Justin Dekoszmovszky,
Head of Sustainability

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