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Pilgrim's Hospice's Ongoing Partnership with iWantGreatCare Delivers Valuable Patient Feedback

iWantGreatCare’s 8 year partnership with Pilgrims Hospice

iWantGreatCare partnered with Pilgrims hospice in 2015 to collect and moderate patient feedback analysing over 5,000 reviews over a period of 8 years.

iWGC agreed a standard question set originally with the client to collect feedback from their patients across the 17 different services the client provides.

We provided the client with various methodologies to collect the data including offline paper forms, online and an app.

iWGC also provided promotional materials such as posters and business cards to also encourage feedback within their hospice

The journey

During the 8 years we have gathered a total of 5,959 reviews to date.

With the changes of technology and Covid, in December 2020 the client stopped collecting offline paper forms and changed their focus to online and the app to collect their feedback. With a desire to see if asking patients for feedback while still in their care / hospice would show increased review responses. Immediately we saw an increase in responses from November 2020 totalling 36 reviews to December 2020 when the focus changed to the app and online a total of 73 reviews were collected. This has stayed consistent with a range of 30-105 reviews being left each month.

In 2022  iWGC and the client worked on a bespoke question set for counselling and Spiritual services. By tailoring specific questions that are relatable to each service we have since seen a higher number of review responses. Counselling in 2022 received a total of 35 reviews with an average 5 star score of 4.91 and 100% of patients saying they had a positive experience. In 2023 to date the counselling team has received a total of 33 reviews and 97% positive experience. The spiritual team only received 2 reviews in 2022, however in 2023 to date they have received a total of 5 reviews with 100% positive experience.

In September 2023 Pilgrims and iWGC have also recently worked together again to tailor more questions to make them more user friendly and appropriate for the patient/reviewer and their review journey.

‘Did you feel involved enough in decisions made about you?’

‘Did you receive the right information about your care and treatment’

 It was agreed with the client that adding ‘if applicable’ to these two questions would be more suitable and inclusive for all reviewers as some may not have been the patient themselves but a family member or carer. We are yet to collect and review the data for these services but hope to see a higher increase in responses.

App review numbers remain the highest to date with 61.47% of reviews being left this way.

During this period Pilgrims hospice has a positive experience score of 97.17% with an average 5 star score rating of 4.88.

The outcome

iWGC and Pilgrims hospice’s partnership has enabled them to gather the patients insights and feedback about the care they provide. Pilgrims’ staff are such an important part of what the hospice stands for and it is important to ensure staff are getting the recognition they deserve. Staff can view feedback in real time to be able to quickly implement any improvements needed and see the care delivered in a timely manner.


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