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Ashgate Hospice use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with embracent

Ashgate Hospicecare provides compassionate, specialist palliative and end of life care, free of charge, to over 3000 patients a year with a life-limiting illness and their families across North Derbyshire. The organisation has approximately 700 volunteers and over 350 staff dedicated to their cause.


The Covid-19 pandemic required the Hospice to be able to work as efficiently and effectively in a remote way. A strategic IT review highlighted the need for system automation, integration and clarity to be able to make better use of the data being captured in order for them to gain real insight.


The Solution
The solution implemented clarity to be able to make better:

* automated extraction of report data from multiple sources e.g. SystemOne using UiPath RPA technology
* creation of an analytics and visualisation tool, to present the data in simple visual ways that would add value and
   meaning to the data

The existing process was arduous and time consuming for the team. Working together with Ashgate, embracent’s intention was to:

* eliminate the manual and repetitive work, to enable the team to focus on more important administrative activities and patient care
* ensure the most accurate data was available to help with core Hospice decision making


* Manual > Automated:
embracent enabled many of these core data loading and reporting tasks to be delivered automatically, taking away a number of manual tasks from the team

* Payback under 2 yrs:
embracent provided a 60% Return on Investment, with the development work paying for itself in under 2 yrs

* 6hrs > 30mins:
This also reduced the time to complete the current tasks reduced from 6 hours to 30 minutes, which freed up a huge amount of time for the team


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As a social enterprise, HQP was founded by a number of the UK’s leading hospices in 2014 and provides access to exclusive supplier agreements, designed to reduce costs, deliver quality improvements and support sustainable services.