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About Us

Collective procurement that is great for patients and care organisations.

Our History and Expertise

HQP was founded by Hospices for Hospices, which gives us a unique insight into procurement within the care sector. We use our expertise and experience to negotiate the very best agreements for our Members who have access to framework contracts that offer financial savings, mitigate risk and that have been procured using our rigorous tender processes.

We were established in 2014 as a not-for-profit social enterprise. As a membership organisation, we source best in class supplier partners that deliver real value and benefit to Hospices and Care organisations. As procurement experts we negotiate from a stronger position and leverage buying power to acquire the best framework agreements for all our Members.

Since 2014 we have delivered over £4 million in direct savings to our Members. Click here to speak to HQP about your potential savings.

Membership Benefits

HQP is your helping hand for all your specialist care procurement needs.

As a membership organisation we specialise in finding suppliers who are price and quality-focused and deliver solutions to multiple care providers across the UK – offering flexibility, special rates and bespoke products and services.  

HQP will save you time and money in sourcing and negotiating complex contracts, adapted to your needs, reducing overheads and supporting sustainability.

Exclusive Pricing

Members have access to exclusive pricing that you cannot access on the open market from our suppliers.

Exclusive Pricing

Reduced Costs

HQP will reduce your in-house time and operating costs – whatever size of operation and we can even complement your in-house purchasing resources (see Procurement Expertise below).

Tailored Portfolio

We use our experience, customer insights and feedback to provide a range of bespoke contract frameworks from accredited suppliers. We constantly listen to our Members and seek out new products and services from current and new suppliers.


Best In Class

We choose our Supplier Partners according to their depth of expertise, quality of product & service and understanding of the sector. HQP’s framework contracts are also able to mitigate potential risks where in-house purchasing resources may be limited.

Complementary Support

HQP constantly monitors our Supplier Partners to maintain the very highest levels of service and satisfaction and we also have a track record of working successfully with Members’ procurement teams.

Nationwide Suppliers

HQP’s Supplier Partners are chosen to deliver products and services across the UK (exc. NI).

Procurement Expertise

Our Team has significant experience in the Third Sector and so understands the sensitivities and requirements of working within the care environment, and this always underpins our supplier selection choices. We use our experience and expertise to conduct robust, process-led tenders and due diligence that result in the appointment of the most appropriate, ‘best in class’ Supplier Partners.

Click here to see our 5 simple steps to successful procurement

HQP works collaboratively with these Supplier Partners and adds significant value beyond the traditional leveraging of buying power for cost savings, which are already a given. This can be demonstrated through reducing supply chain risk, offering supplier quality assurance and choice via creative framework selection.  We also manage the ongoing process of supplier product and service innovation and ensure that suppliers maintain the very highest levels of service and customer satisfaction through regular review meetings.

We also possess a successful track record of supporting care organisations, both within devolved procurement environments or working seamlessly with Members’ centralised procurement teams. 

Please read more about our support in Alice Round’s testimonial below.

Working with HQP is an integral part of our Procurement Strategy. Over the past years, we have utilised many HQP frameworks saving tens of thousands of pounds for Ashgate Hospicecare.

Not only does using the HQP frameworks save money by utilising the price benefits of group buying it also saves us time tendering and appointing. This time saved allows us to work on other projects and therefore increasing the overall performance of the Procurement Function.

We also really value that HQP suppliers are fully vetted before appointment by HQP’s specialists and report regularly to HQP on their performance ensuring the service Hospice’s receive is constantly high.

Alice Round, Procurement Manager
Ashgate Hospice Care


Membership of HQP is open to care providers across the UK (exc.NI) and currently we have over 60 Members, including independent charitable hospices and Sue Ryder. An annual membership fee gives you immediate access to all of HQP’s exclusive agreements. To join HQP’s growing membership, please contact us via the email link or telephone so we can discuss your particular needs.

We Are Your Care Procurement Specialist

Our Purpose

As a not-for-profit Social Enterprise we believe in enabling our UK care Members to have a sustainable future.

Our Vision

HQP was founded by Hospices for Hospices and we work on behalf of our care Members and collaborate with them on their procurement needs, enabling them to continue making a difference in their communities.

Our Values

HQP’s values are simple. 

Our commitment to meeting our customers’ procurement needs is sector leading and we never stop listening and learning how to do things better. We constantly adapt our solutions and believe we can change more by working together with our Members and Supplier Partners.

Our Mission

We help our Members to reduce overhead costs and deliver highly cost-effective care products and services by being the best value, centralised care procurement business; sourcing appropriate and best in class suppliers and providing relevant data insights and advice.

As a social enterprise, HQP was founded by a number of the UK’s leading hospices in 2014 and provides access to exclusive supplier agreements, designed to reduce costs, deliver quality improvements and support sustainable services.